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There’s no such thing as knowing too much when it comes to buying a vehicle and at the NHAA we think that consumers should have access to all the information they can find before they buy. The good news is that the US Government publishes lots of stuff on the financial and legal aspects of car buying. While there are lots of non-government sites that do the same, the government sites represent the last word and we’ve used them extensively in writing our car buying guides. Below are the sites we think are the best:  

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau – Probably the most comprehensive site when it comes to car financing. Easy to navigate and translated into multiple languages. Click on this link to go to the Auto Loan page.

Federal Trade Commission – The FTC site provides comprehensive information on all aspects of the car buying and owning experience. Like the CFPB site its translated into Spanish. Click on this link to go the section about buying and owning a car: – The site provides a huge range of information on car buying, ownership and maintenance. Click on this link to go to the Auto page on the site: