Product Partner Programs

NHAA Product Supplier programs are designed to help suppliers of aftermarket products reach and engage Hispanic consumers, buying after products as part of the car purchase process. Aftermarket products are central to the car buying process for many Hispanic consumers, and the NHAA’s training programs are designed to help suppliers connect with them through a deeper understanding of their preferences and purchasing strategies. Our programs are based on a combination of detailed ‘cultural engagement audits’ of product/market fit, existing sales and support models and comprehensive training programs designed to help suppliers engage this critical market:

  • Cultural Audit – Audits are based on detailed research conducted by the NHAA into Hispanic consumer car buying strategies. NHAA specialists work with suppliers to analyze existing sales and support resources and processes, generating an audit report with specific recommendations for changes required to address the needs and preferences of Hispanic consumers.
  • Training Programs  –  Based on the results of the audit report the NHAA provides detailed on-site & on-line training to product suppliers staff with a focus on sales and service models. Training modules are tailored at the supplier level to address issues in communications, pricing, support, and other aspects of the sales and support process in place at the supplier. Training modules, based on test and learn methods, can be used to certify supplier staff if desired. 
  • Product Supplier Advisory Board– Through the Product Supplier Advisory Board, the NHAA has created, participating suppliers have access to all research conducted by the NHAA and a voice in ongoing training development programs. The board meets on a regular basis and help the NHAA’s leadership create and refine supplier training programs that increase sales and engagement with the Hispanic community.


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