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NHAA independent dealer programs are specifically designed to help independent dealers grow their sales through education, training and advocacy. With decades of experience working with hundreds of independent dealers we know how to help dealers grow their sales, run their businesses more efficiently and keep up with changing regulations. 


Training – Compliance at both the state and national level is becoming a bigger issue every year as state and national regulators tighten the rules under which dealers operate. Frankly we think regulations protecting dealers and consumers are a good thing and so we’ve built training programs for dealers to make sure they know the rules and conduct business accordingly.  Member dealers automatically get basic level compliance training and discounts for advanced training.

Research –  The NHAA conducts research on behalf of member dealers, creating regular research reports about key regulatory, financial and market trends affecting the used car  industry with a focus on independent dealers. These reports are specifically designed to help independent dealers make smart choices about their business strategies, financing and marketing in a fast paced regulatory and economic environment. 

Advocacy  –  Legislative advocacy, for dealers and consumers, at the state and national level is a core focus of the NHAA’s approach to leveling the playing field. Effective advocacy can shift both legislation and the overall dialog surrounding how Hispanic consumers and independent dealers are treated by vendors and suppliers. The NHAA’s has years of experience managing advocacy campaigns at the state and national level on behalf of independent dealers.

Advisory Board – Independent dealers have access to all research conducted by the NHAA and a voice in ongoing training development programs through our Independent Dealer Advisory Board. The board meets on a regular basis and help the NHAA’s leadership create and refine dealer training programs and direct strategy on key advocacy issues affecting our membership.

Independent Dealer Programs – The NHAA offers dealer programs that provide a wide range of training and vendor voucher packages programs designed for dealers of every size.


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