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  60 Day Motor Club Membership

Dear Member

We’re excited to tell you about our partner Drive America’s roadside assistance program. We’ve cut a special deal with Drive America that allows you to bundle a free 60 day membership, described below, with every qualifying car you sell. After the 60 days the customer will be contacted by Drive America and if they decide to buy a discounted annual membership you’ll get a commission. Its that simple.

If you’d like to learn more about the program just call Brenda Giraldo our promotions manager at 505-966-5230 and she will explain the details.

Thanks – The NHAA Team


  Drive America Motor Club

Join the over 12 million vehicle owners enjoying the benefits of a Drive America Motor Club membership. Drive America’s Motor Club isn’t your typical club, where the benefits only include Roadside Assistance. Our Motor Club is so much more!
Every Drive America Motor Club member will enjoy exclusive access to benefits not found in any other motor club in the market today! Beyond roadside assistance, the Drive America membership includes a Vehicle Return Benefit, Vehicle Repair Assistance and even benefits for Cosmetic and Additional Minor Repairs!

  24-Hour Emergency Roadside Assistance

From towing to jump start, a flat tire change to lock out, Drive America will make sure you’re not stranded for long before help arrives. This popular benefit covers up to $100 per occurrence. You simply call our roadside hotline and a service vehicle will be immediately dispatched to your location, getting you back on the road in no time.
Towing – When towing is necessary, you are covered to any destination you choose up to the benefit allowance of $100.
Battery Jump Start Service – If a battery failure occurs, a jump-start will be given to start the vehicle.
Flat Tire Removal and Replacement – Removal of the flat tire and its replacement with the spare tire located with the vehicle.
Fuel, Oil, Fluid and Water Delivery – An emergency supply of fuel, oil, fluid and water will be delivered (excludes the cost of the fluids).
Lock Out Assistance – If the keys are locked inside the vehicle, assistance will be provided to the driver to gain entry into the vehicle.
Extrication Service – If stuck in a ditch or other inaccessible area, assistance will be provided if the location is within fifty feet of a paved road or highway.

  Vehicle Return Benefit

Losing a job can be life changing. In the event you become involuntarily unemployed and you choose to return your vehicle, you will be eligible for up to a $5000 benefit toward a shortfall that may exist on your lease or loan.
Have peace of mind knowing you can:

• Return your vehicle to a designated return facility

• Free yourself from your vehicle loan payments

• Positively eliminate your vehicle loan

• Safeguard your credit

  Vehicle Repair Assistance

Everyday, customers are taking their vehicles to repair facilities or service centers not knowing what could possibly be wrong with the vehicle or how much it will cost to fix it. This creates unnecessary stress and anxiety for the customer.
With Drive America’s Vehicle Repair Assistance program, members will be able to call our toll free number and speak with one of our ASE-certified technicians to receive help with their vehicle before going to the shop. Our repair technician will be able to answer questions regarding service and maintenance schedules, recall notices and even mechanical failures.
If your vehicle has a mechanical failure and repairs are necessary, the Repair Specialist will:

• Suggest a qualified repair facility

• Speak with a service repair industry representative on your behalf to determine:

– The vehicle is being properly diagnosed

– The repair facility’s estimated cost to repair the vehicle is fair

  Cosmetic & Additional Minor Repairs

This benefit covers some minor repairs that generally aren’t covered by a car insurance policy.

• Windshield Repair

• Key Fob Repair or Replacement

• Tire Road Hazard Repair